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Authentic, Low Price , and Money Back Guarantees With Authentic, Low Price, and Money Back Guarantees With No Charge at Purchasing or Signed letter


Our ZhangGuang 101 hair product series are guaranteed to be authentic, fresh, and of highest quality. It is manufactured and directly supplied by Beijing ZhangGuang 101 Group and bearing the original ZhangGuang 101 series product name. It is not a product manufactured under a license thus is of the very originally and highest quality. If you have any doubt of our authenticity of our products, please sent them back and we will refund 110% of your money (including shipping and handling and even if you have already used them). Please notice that a product manufactured under contract may still not be the same as the original even with the presence of a certificate to prove that it is legally produced.


If you find a lower price within 30 days of a purchase from CINUMA Inc., simply email us the location where you saw it (please include the name of the site and the precise URL of the product), and we will credit you the difference.

You will be qualified for our 2 bottle money guarantee if you are a new customer.
1) If you order and finish two bottles of any ZhangGuang 101 hair regrowth products yet fail to see a slow down of hair loss or increase of hair regrowth, you can choose a) have us send you another two bottle of same kind, or another kind of ZhangGuang 101 hair regrowth ointment FREE yet waive the money back guarantee, or b) have us credit back or mail you a check of your purchasing price except the shipping and handling fee.
2) The money back guarantee is limited to 2 bottles only. For orders more than 2 bottle, you can still get a refund when you mail unopened bottles back.
3) You are highly encouraged to contact us when you finish the first bottle to see if another kind is even better for you. Unless the product causes some discomfort to you, you are also highly encouraged to request money back after finishing the first two bottles since sometimes, one bottle is not enough to make a decision on whether or not this product works for you.
4) You will receive a guarantee letter personally signed by our company president, Jason Shen, PhD. You can show the letter to your credit card company if you think it is needed to assure a refund.
5) Please 1) mail the unopened bottle as well as finished bottle via FedEx, UPS, or other trackable mean to CINUMA Inc., 1404 Ashford Court, Blacksburg, VA 24060 2) Appreciate if include a note with the reason for return
6) We will either credit back or mailed a check to your within 24 hr we receive the return. For all customers with email, we will notify the return time, amount, and reference no. Simply look at your next one or two cycle of credit card bill for credit from Cinuma. You even don't have to call or email us about the return and credit.

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