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Questions & Answers

Q: It works for me in last 4 months but now my scalp start to itching. I stopped for 2 wk but itching comes back when I use the product again.

A: Seems some dead cells cumulated and become flakes. 101B is very good in stop the itching and grow hair back at the same time.

A: You may want to increase the amount to the higher ranger (5 ml/time) and used it 3 times a day. You can also try another type of 101 products or use different ones alternatively to increase sensitivity.

Q:I have started to loose my hair since the age of 24, It has been a very gradual process. Now I am 31 and I need to do something about it. I used Fabao D in the past with great success but I guess my scalp got used to it and I started to loose my hair again. It has been 2 years now and I am willing to try again. Any suggestions? Thank you, Malik

A: You may want to increase the amount to the higher ranger (5 ml/time) and used it 3 times a day. You can also try another type of 101 products or use different ones alternatively to increase sensitivity.

Q:I notice some new soft hair stub after using it for one month, does this mean I have hair regrowth?

A:Yes, it's very positive sign for hair regrowth although you still need to wait to see if a full recovery of hair is possible.

Q:Should I rely on it for the rest of my life?

A:No. Your hair loss is mostly caused by debility of insufficient blood supply, which may relate to imbalance of hormone, etc. "101" can help you to pass the unbalanced stage of your body.

Q:Must I use 5ml each time?

A:You need enough of them to message your scalp. It will not take as much if less is adhered to your hair.

Q:I heard that it's an effective treatment, but how can I know that I will get the real stuff? (From Jason, 183 Wildflower Dr., Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462)

A: We are the first and the only authorized distributor in North America and through internet for the completed line of 101 products. We sell all 101 series developed by Dr. Zhao and produced by Zhangguang 101 Group Corp. The series includes 101, 101A, 101B, and 101D (Fabao). 101C is not marketed here since it requires some knowledge on traditional Chinese treatment while preparing for using. If you want, we can show you our original invoice for monthly shipment directly from the Zhangguang 101 Group Corp. Even by simply looking at the product, you will believe that they are real stuff. If you have any doubt that it is not authentic, we will return all your money back (including postage etc.) immediately!

Q:Why I have not heard of it as much as Rogaine?

A: Because of advertisement as well as it's from oriental. In most cases it works much better than Rogaine, which usually works only for vertex with a very small area of hair loss. Also unlike Rogaine, "101" series usually works for patchy hair loss also.

Q:I have a sense of warm on my scalp after messaging "101", is it normal?

A:It's normal. One thing is that "101" is an alcohol solution which let you have a sense of "hot" (not real not). Another thing is you messaged you scalp.

Q: Could tell me more about the difference between traditional Chinese treatment and Western medicine?

A: I do not think I know enough of the both treasure. Sometime I believe one, sometime the other. When I had stomach-ache, I used Mylanta, it works. The West approach is simple:nutralize the extra acid. But when I realize I have to keep on using Mylanta to relief the ache, I asked my family member to mail in some traditional medicines. It worked on a slow pace. But after two months, my ache went away and has not yet occur till now ( but I do not think I can always be free of stomach-ache in future).

Q:Could I use 101 series and finasteride or rogaine at the same time?

A:In case of oral usage of finasteride, we have not yet heard of any counter-action with 101 series. However, it may vary with person and more data is needed. We do not suggest same time topical application of rogaine and 101 series. Anyway, rogaine can stimulate hair regrowth only on small portion of crown and has not claimed to be able to stop hair loss.

Q:If I want more specific discussion and prescription according to my symptom, how long can I get your reply?

A:We will try our best to reply as soon as possible according to the request sequence. If write in a letter, we would like to see a photo of the hair loss portion if visible and if you do not mind. We will not release those materials to anyone without your permission. After looking, we can also destroy those materials as you requested.

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