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Zhangguang 101 Series has been Extensively Experiemnted by Major Hospitals in China with Proved Results

CLICK HERE to view selected photos of patients before and after usage

ZhangGuang 101 The results of 3 month clinical observation on 8324 cases of hair loss showed the cure rate was 84.8%, the total effective rate was 97.4%, and the hair regrowth happened after 7 days' use for some individuals.

ZhangGuang 101A Among the 347 cases observed by Chinese Traditional Medical Research Institute and the Third Hospital of Beijing Medical School , Beijing International Friendship Hospital, Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Beijing Red cross Chaoyang Hospital, along with the 48 European cases observed by Dr Zhangguang Zhao himself indicated the overall effective rate for seborrheic alopecia is 84%. It is very effective in controlling hair losing (95% in the early stage and 85% in the middle stage).

ZhangGuang 101B According to the poll results of 4325 (mostly female) users of baldness, the effectiveness had been reached 99%. Click to see a published research paper on 101B.

ZhangGuang 101C The degreasing rate observed by many hospitals in China had been 99.5%.

ZhangGuang 101D 6-month clinical observation on 431 cases of hair loss were made by famous dermatologists in Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Friendship Hospital, Concord Hospital, Tongren Hospital etc. first class hospitals in China. The results showed hair regrowth rate was 62%, hair-thickening rate 86%, the rate of control hair loss 85%, the rate of relieve itching 95%, the rate to remove dandruff 96%, the rate to remove scalp lipa 96%.

ZhangGuang 101F Doctors from Beijing Hospital of TCM, Beijing Frendship Hospital, Beijing Redcross Chaoyang Hospital, The Third Hospital addiliated to Beijing Medical University, treated 847 the early, middle, and late stage seborrheic alopecia patients with an average effectiveness of 83.0%.


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