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A proud product of nearly 20 years' research

The "101" hair regrowth lotion series were developed by the now very famous outstanding mainland China physician, Zhangguang Zhao, after studying baldness with great concentration for nearly ten years. It is a "develop by try out" product. This pilatory tincture series is produced by Beijing Zhangguang "101" group with several factories in Beijing city, Zhengzhou city, Zhejiang and Hainan Province. Zhangguang Group also supports the Beijing Zhangguang International Hair Regenerating and Nourishing Research Center. Most of the major cities in China has "101" series shop. There are also special shops in Hongkong and Japan. "101" lotion is a great success in both Japan and China as well as other parts of the world and recommended by doctors that have herb experiences in US. "101" lotion caused considerable market sensation in Japan. The distributor to Japan as well as Dr. Zhao himself become one of the richest private entrepreneur in mainland china ("Zhao Zhangguang, an herbalist whose "101"hair-stimulating lotion has sold extremely well around the world, has become one of China's richest men. In 1993 alone his net profits reached up to $50 million" Abstracted from "The Atlantic Monthly" .


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