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Profound Approach Improving Hair Nourishing and Microcirculation


According to modern dermatology and Chinese medical theory, insufficient blood supply to the scalp, malnutrition in the hair root, and excessive sebum in the scalp which causes pore clogging are the leading cause of hair loss. This theory is compatible to DHT theory in that they act in cascade steps that leading to hair loss and dormancy of folica cell.


Stress, illness, medicine, physical and chemical damage, androgens and estrogens imbalance, and DH testosterone abnormal can all end up causing undernutrition and poor circulation of hair matrix cells and cause hair loss. Some medicine may correct DHT, but there are many other causes may result in undernutrition. Pregnancy related hair loss may also be difficult to cure if only use hormone since stress and weakness of the body may also be involved. Apparently it is a profound approach to stop the hair loss and start hair regrowth from the nutritional level.

The high successful rate of ZhangGuang 101 Formulas is a result of multiple function as follows:
ballblue Removing blood stasis and regulating the sebum secretions in the scalp
ballblue Dilating blood capillary of scalp, promoting blood circulation
ballblue nourishing folica cells as well as other scalp cells
ballblue correct the DHT caused deficiency on cell nutritional level
ballblue activating pilimetrocytes and enhancing the activity of melanin cells.

China Army General Hospital (the highest rank military hospital in China) and several other labs used laser doppler measurements to show that blood flow of local tissue rose dramatically after application of this product. Because of microcirculatory changes, blood and oxygen supply of local tissue is improved, thus hair gets nutrition, regrows and does not fall.


In the figure above, the blood flow rate is proportional to the voltage generated from these measurements 0, 15, and 180 minutes after application of ZhangGuang 101 to scalp.


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