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We do not go specifically to collect testimony at this time since it's an already proven to be very effective well-accepted product. Till now, more than 80% people come back for more and only very occassionally we have people wanted their money back. Here are a few of the many emails and letters we got recently from customers.

(18) From: Serbuta A***a (nina*** You may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as junk Sent: Tue 3/24/09 5:33 AM To: 2 attachments DSC03721.JPG (1452.5 KB), DSC03722.JPG (1642.2 KB)
I called last week from Romania and I will send a few pictures with that kid. Thi boy has 6 years old and i would like to know if he can use the products that you sell. He used the 101 product 2 years ago, and his hair was back to normal, but this year his alopecy return.
Actually the doctors have diagnosed him with pelade, and all his hair by head and eyebrow was lost.
I'm waiting for an answer and then we will make the order of products. So, once again, i would like to know if i can by the 101 product simple, no A, D, G.
A***a Serbuta

(17) Reorder message submitted on Wednesday, March 4, 2009 at 19:01:50 from Kristine Scro****requiredStreet: Østli***en 44 C, Askim 1811, Norway, karlam***** I have many pretty severe alopecia areata spots on my head. I have treated the spots with 1 1\2 bottles of the 101 formula so far and i already have a lot of regrowth. I need more bottles to continue the treatment.

(16) From: Reuben C****ar <***> X-OriginalArrivalTime: 30 Dec 2007 20:42:34.0048 Hi, I would like to know which 101 formula works best for hair loss on the back (and towards the top) of the head? I have been using the Follicle-Nourishing Tonic to battle hair loss induced by Minoxidil but it seems that the hair towards the front of the scalp is only responding.
How well does the bioelectric comb work for treating hair loss? I followed the link to the website but I only found information regarding to hypertension.

(15) It is very good! From John Ta***ra (over phone talking Dec 29, 2008), ordered online with email Jo**, used for "Balding in the front area as well as initial signs in the vertex"

(14) An email From: "R**ben C****ar" To:
Subject: Hair loss from minoxidil
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2007 17:07:47 -0600
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 23 Feb 2007 23:07:50.0232 (UTC) FILETIME=[7081CD80:01C7579F]
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I started losing my hair 10 yrs ago at the age of 17 and was able to put a halt on it using Nioxin. But the damage was done and I had to find a way to grow my hair because the Nioxin was not able to do that for me. I discovered your product, 101 Series, and have been growing hair ever since. Once I got my hair to where it didn't bother me as much, I stopped using it and every once in a while I would buy a bottle or two. I did this on and off for 5 years and my hair has been steadily (slowly) growing back. I wish I would have taken pictures at the beginning because, hair follicles can not regenerate but I've had a small area that did. I am writing you today because I have a new problem. Several months ago I saw this commercial for Scalpmed and thought I'd give it a try just to try it to see if it can really grow hair. I used it for 1 or 2 months (this product contains 5% Minoxidil). Within a month after I stopped using it my hair has now begun to fall out all over the top of my scalp. I get hand fulls of hair in the shower (20-40), I know this because I count the hairs each stroke I make with my hand. I bought 2 bottles of the 101 Follicle-Nourishing Tonic but did not work in stopping it, I then tried the 101D but that didn't work either, and the same with nioxin. I wonder if it has caused my body to reactivate the production of DHT? If it did then why is it that these other products aren't stopping it? I was thinking about trying to control the DHT internally with natural herbs (hair genesis). If you have every heard of this happening or have any ideas that might help it would be very much appreciated.



(13) A feedback from customer after our inquiry of progress, dated 01/28/04 "I am satisfied and its funny that you wrote because I was just running out. Does the 101 Follicle Nourishing Tonic have a better smell than the 101 original? If it does, then I might give it a shot in a week or two. Thanks." Re*** a***

(12) A re-order email dated 01/07/04
You have excellent products!! I am most pleased with the results. What do you have to give me a true Energy/Health Boost?? thanks! Jim *** ****

(11) A re-order email dated 08/29/03
Hi, I'm Att**o Angel**, a client from Italy.I'm using the 101 follicole nourishing and i'm very happy of it, it's an incredible product,thank you very much! Now, i need another bottle of it at least. Can you tell me how much it costs 1 bottle and what's the price for 2 bottles (all inclusive for shipping to Italy). It's true that the prices will be higher after september, 2nd? Another question: it's possible to become a seller of your 101 products here in Italy? What i have to do? Let me know. Thanks in advance. Att**o Angel** nir***

(10) A re-order email dated 05/30/03
Thank You for creating such products, I have been using 101F for two months and 101 hair tonic for 2 weeks along with the shampoo and in that time I have noticed slight regrowth along my hair line and my hair is thicker, I'm hoping for more regrowth and will definitely keep using this wonderful product until I acheive a fuller head of hair.
James G**, st***, San Jose, CA

(9) A re-order email dated 03/02/03
Please_Type_Your_Symptom_Here: Thank You!
Do you have any products that will make the Urine Ph more Alkaline (basic)??
The 101F is working fantastically!
I ordered some shampoo also!
James ** web**, Low**, Indiana

(8) A re-order email dated 12/29/02

Dear Sirs, It is a great pleasure to use your products. After using only two bottles of 101 in the past, I noticed amazing new hair growth, thank you! Because of the great results I experienced, I have decided to place another order. I am the president of a very successful marketing company in the United States and would like for someone to contact me to discuss the possibility of mass marketing your products through our many channels. Please feel free to contact me at the following number. 760-431-25*5 May success continue to be with you as you share these incredible life changing products with the world.
Greg Mo***** greg*

Yahoo Store Rating: Excellent
It's the second time I purchase a product with them and i have absolutely no regret, as a matter of fact I am going to keep buying products from them. Omar Abiz**d, Delegacion Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico D.F. 11700. Sept 5, 2002.

(6)I have been using the 101F Hair Tonic for about 6 weeks now. I have been applying it as directed and have had a most remarkable response. This was very unexpected as I would often forget to apply it on certain days. I have had the typical presentation of Male Pattern Baldness with hair loss on the Crown and Vertex of my scalp. I have tried many products in the past including Rogaine and various Expensive DHT Blockers (one brand costing about $120/month). Many were back by scientific research, yet NONE were as effective as this preparation! I have even recommended this to several of my friends with equally impressive results! I am a customer for Life! Thanx!
James Jackson, Lowell, Indiana, July 28, 2002. (In his reordering email, he mentioned it is a "A Fantastic Product!!"

(5) I have been using the product for about one year now. My hair loss has gone down to very little loss. My hair is a lot fuller and thicker. I think have some regrowth. I am very pleased with Fabao. Thanks for this product.
Bradley Moe, Grand Forks, North Dakota, July 10, 2002. (Note: Mr. Moe use Zhangguang 101F and told us that "It is an AMAZING product"when he called us to order a second bottle last year)



The product you have sold me really WORKS GREAT!I notice tremendous decrease in hair loss in the past two weeks, my dandruff is almost gone and so is itchiness! I thank you and the Chinese doctor, who made this product, for helping me.I am becoming a new man, with more confidence and happiness. I survived such a dreadful situation of seeing the hair loss. You are my savior! Would you also know any good acne medications for my face. I would appreciate if you can find something for me.

Robert A. Bier


Dear cinuma,

I am wandering when I will be receiving the remaining bottles( two of 101/one 101A) I have ordered. I have already finished my two bottles of 101A and have maybe two more applications of 101 remaining. I am very pleased with the results so far. My hair loss has decreased and my scalp is far less itchy. I applied 101A twice a day, and I am doing the same now with 101. So far I have noticed only very little regrowth, but I am very patient knowing this may take several months. If possible could you send me the remaining bottles in my order as fast as possible (if only 101A is available at this time, please send it by itself for now and the two bottles of 101 as soon as you can) because I don't want to have to discontinue my usage and then start again.

Thank you,

Glen Jr.Svihran

(2)From win*in** Sun Jul 19 13:49:10 1998

Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 14:50:45 -0500

From: "win*in**"

Reply-To: ****


Subject: Pearl Acne and Mon Nam

X-UIDL: 95b32b5c981e38f5da972901e8692f70

Dear Shen

I just placed my second order for 1-100ml of 101 and 1-100ml of101D.

After 1 month, hairloss has diminished greatly. I was in no greatrush to reorder until my wife stopped me in the kitchen this morning andcommented on my "new hair growth" (tiny hairs in front and at temples).She didn't even know that I was using your products.I had not evennoticed the new growth, however, I knew that my shedding had decreased.

After her observation, I called in for my second order to be shipped"Express". After having tried so many "scam remedies" I must admit thatI was pleasantly surprised at my wife's comments(sort of a double-blindstudy effect since her appraisal was unsolicited).

My question relates to the comment made on the order page..."To seesignificant results, we suggest 2 to 3 bottles of Zhangguang 101, 1 to 3bottles of Pearl Acne Pill, and 2 to 4 boxes of China Mon Nam."

Since I am using 101 and 101D should I be using these other twoproducts to potentiate the effects. There seems to be a correlation herewith Western medicine philosophy relative to sebacious gland receptorsite of testerone.(Excuse my inadequate articulation but I'm not aDoctor or scientific researcher.)I don't have acne but do frequentlyhave an oily forehead. Western philosophy seems to hypothesize thatsebum is the carrier of testosterone (in the scalp area) which interactswith 5 alpha reductase to yield DHT and propose various modalities tomediate this effect including both topical and dietary zinc.Do you thinkMagic Pearl would work synergistically (with 101 and 101D) to yield thesame result?

In Septenber of 1997 I began taking 1mg finesteride/day. Idiscontinued useage in February due to loss of libido and diminishedejaculate volume. Do you think China Mon Nam would mediate this problemif I decided to take Propecia along with 101 and 101D? ( I know you havealready answered the question regarding concurrent use of 101 productsand finesteride - no clinical studies available as yet- but irrespectiveof this)

I am a regular visitor to REGROWTH and will have favorable input totheir site as time proves continued favorable results. I thank you foryour time and products and will look forward to receiving your reply.


T*** W***rood



(1) From Sat Nov 21 12:40:32 1998From: "......" To: Subject: Re: Attention Customer service. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2098 11:39:51 -0800X-MSMail-Priority: NormalImportance: NormalX-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V4.72.2106.4X-UIDL: 46bc61163f76e274fd8a1fa0281aa926



1) The Fabao 101D product WORKS GREAT FOR ME. I could see NEWHAIR GROWTH after just 7 to 10 days. My scalp was less greasy andmy hair was thicker and healthier than it has ever been. Namely IAM VERY HAPPY WITH THE FABAO 101D PRODUCT.

2) However after using about 1.5 bottles of the "101" ointment, Ihave lost most of the new growth of hair that I had after usingthe Fabao 101D products.

Now I am dedicated to at least a 6-8 month trial of the Fabao 101Dproduct, just to see how much new hair I may be able to grow. Iam NOT GOING TO RETURN THESE PRODUCTS UNTIL I HEAR AN EMAILMESSAGE FROM YOU, SAYING THAT THIS IS OK.

I SINCERELY HOPE THAT YOU WILL STICK TO YOUR GUARANTEE AND DO THEHONORABLE THING FOR ME. P.S. I would really prefer that you justsend the two bottles of Fabao 101D in exchange for the two bottlesof "101" that I will return.

All of the details of my original order follows:Date of order: 10-14-98'Ship date: 10-16-98'Total charge: $270 Order:2 x 101 and 2 x 101DCredit Card: MastercardCredit Card # You should have on file. I am not going to sendthat hereName: Address: Ontario, CA, 91..2Phone # (9..) 9..-2912E-Mail me at:

(NOTE:YOU DO NEED TO TRY OUT THE BEST AMONG THE SERIES, and surely we honored our guarantee)


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